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Recently, a video of an airport worker “unloading” boxes from the cargo hold of a plane elicited the amusing response by a Pak West sales rep that he hoped those cartons weren’t for his customer!

The worker, as you can see below from a screenshot from the video, has quite a technique that we hope is all his own!

Maybe all the cartons contained stuffed animals.  So, no harm done.  But, in the overall scheme of things, no one knows for sure what is in those cartons, and it just looks bad for that employee and those cartons.

Maybe he was tired?  Maybe his back was bothering him?

Did he have any other option?

Yes.  Yes, he did!  Or, more importantly, his employer did.

The worker could have been using a Destuff-IT, a machine designed to aid workers who load and unload.

The trailer rendering above and the image left show how the Destuff-IT aids in the unloading (and reloading for that matter) process.

With use of hydraulic power, an operator can control the vertical height of the platform and pivot the conveyor left or right. This maneuverability allows the operator to position the conveyor near the product, significantly reducing the risk of injury from repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching.

Pak West is a value-added reseller of Destuff-IT.  To see a video of the product, click here.

And, to see the video of the airport worker, click here!

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