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Concept Development

Our multi-disciplinary team brings years of experience to the table, making us the perfect fit for customer challenges that require outstanding and innovative solutions. Whether your challenge involves retail packaging or POP displays – or any other aspect of brand presence – we’re your team.

Structural Design

Being innovative in today’s consumer space means developing new and customer-friendly approaches to product packaging and display. It’s a space we occupy every day, delivering novel and cutting edge structures that enable your brand to stand apart from the competition in interesting and attention-grabbing ways.

Laser cut cardboard prototype samples

Graphic Design

Design isn’t just about aesthetics, but about being able to translate brand values and product benefits in a way that satisfies consumer desire instantly. Our graphic designers work hand in hand with account management and concept teams to deliver the right message every time, on any medium.

Consumer Trends

Think big data is just for computer geeks? At Pacific Western Container, we study the data and analyze patterns that drive consumer behavior and signal shifts in attitude. It’s time to stop relying on guesswork, and instead put our expertise to work for you.

Consumer trends analysis on laptop
PWC printing and manufacturing

Printing and Manufacturing

We’re a one-stop shop for all things packaging, including high-quality printing and responsible manufacturing from start to finish. That enables us to provide transparency, clear communication, speed to market and cost-efficiency for your product.

Project Management/Logistics

As part of the Blower-Dempsay family of companies, we bring Project Management expertise for all clients, large and small. Most importantly, we understand that supply chain management and logistics can often be a source of frustration, which we eliminate through long-term planning, smart sourcing and uninterrupted delivery.

PWC trailer truck